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I have opened my studio with the intention of giving each individual person the time and attention they deserve. I've worked at many places from corporate businesses to busy small businesses and what I wanted to do differently is cater to each person giving them the exceptional care they deserve. Making it my mission to preform each service on you as meticulously as I would on myself.

The goal is to make everyone look and feel delicious. Everyone should feel irresistible, appetizing, with their self esteem through the roof so much that we describe it a delicious. Just BE as a whole delicious in the way you look and feel. My name is Rebecca.

Welcome to Mango Allure.


My credibility :  

Licensed Cosmetologist

Trained by European Wax Center

Yumi Lash Certified Lash Technician

Trained by world-renowned Daria Chupry: Certified Microblade Technician 

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